The Only Company to Offer ATP

We focus on the emerging model of alternative workforce management, via ATP - Adaptable Talent Program approach ™; exclusively provided by Gallagher.  We leverage the best technology providers, workforce consultants and supporting service providers; to enable solutions aligned to the current workforce landscape and trends to help companies optimize their non-traditional labor.  We are not owned by a staffing company or restricted by specific partnerships or alliances which enables us to operate ethically and with integrity as a pureplay, neutral workforce solutions consultancy company.   We have integrated strategic alliances with select Global Workforce Providers, Payrolling companies, and On-Demand Workforce Platforms, giving us global workforce expertise across 68 countries to provide multi-national clients pure-play workforce solutions.  

Our primary focus is leveraging and optimizing the best multi-talent supply strategy to help our clients build best in class alternative workforce strategies

An innovative, low cost, technology forward approach that helps companies optimize their contingent workforce for maximum performance, analytics and savings:

  • Multi Talent Supply Strategy (Talent Clouds, IC's, SOW, Direct Sourcing).
  • Consulting Level Program Management Talent 
  • Flexible Services Model - Custom Insourced, Outsourced or Hybrid Contingent Workforce Programs; with revenue generation on all
  • Talent Tech Optimization - Selecting and Implementing the best Talent Technology Stack (VMS, Talent Clouds, ATS/CRM)
  • Data Magic - Advanced Analytics and Real Time Market Rate Intel Product
  • Supplier Enablement and Optimization
  • Cost savings of 5-20% year-over-year
  • Risk Management and IC Compliance
  • Open talent strategy that delivers maximum business impact

 ATP - Agile Talent Program Solution (tm)
Flexible Operations - Outsourced/In-House/Hybrid

(Multi - Talent Supply - Workforce Strategy Focused)

 Solution Benefits

  • Dynamic and Consultative model focuses on  Technology forward Multi Talent Strategy vs. functional control/transactional approach
    • Can grow with your total multi-talent supply needs to integrate all categories of non-traditional talent into total workforce strategy
    • Provides maximum cost savings, revenue stream or gain share, visibility, and global workforce expertise
    • Advanced data and analytics, dynamic market rate intel, with dedicated BA talent
  • Optimizes Technology solution with dedicated technology support/administration
    • Maximizes functionality and performance of talent technology ecosystem
    • Technology focused; evolves with client needs (ie Direct Sourcing/Talent Clouds)
  • Staffing neutral, pure-play workforce strategy approach.
  • Advanced and knowledgeable consultants acts proactively, strategically and provides best practices 

What Are Customers Telling Us?

  • They want to go beyond contractor requistion management to multi talent supply strategies.
  • They want optimized technology solutions with intelligent technology stack as part of their open talent strategy
  •  They want multiple sources of talent, delivered quickly, efficiently and cost effectively
  • Consultative talent and thought leadership vs. transactional support

ATP Solution Components

Program Design
Multi-Talent Supply Chain 
Flexible Operations Models
Business Analysis
Advanced data, trending, analytics
Real Time Market Rate Intel
Multi Talent Supply Strategies
Supplier Optimization
Direct Sourcing
Global Workforce Expertise
Compliance, Risk Mgmt
Legal, Regulatory, Tax
Shared Services -  VMS Requisition Lifecycle Management
Operational Reporting
Approvals, timesheet mgmt. financials, basic reporting
Talent Technology  Stack Integration/Roadmap
Workforce Mgmt. Software Selection/Implementation